Kazan doctors demanded higher wages

The participants first talked to journalists, and then moved into the auditorium ambulance station to discuss their grievances directly to the head physician. Workers ambulance station demanded Aydar Fatihova raise salaries drivers salary: drivers - to eight thousand rubles, and doctors - to eighteen, according to the business newspaper of Tatarstan "Business Online".

Indignation physicians, writes portal "Ether-24", is the head physician sakntsii activities. According to them, he "regularly withhold wages or pay premiums, as well as giving false reports on its work and wages of personnel," the newspaper writes. Doctors say that despite the fact that the report refers to the Aydar Fatihova srezhney salaries of physicians in 40 thousand rubles, in fact, ambulance staff Kazan do not receive more than 20 thousand.

Employees of "fast" is also required to pay their premiums due to them, regular maintenance of vehicles running on stations. Set out in writing requirements, the meeting participants gave the deputy chief of the medical work Health Administration MoH Kazan Albina Malov, who promised to carefully examine every item of the document.

According to RBC, the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan controls the issue of remuneration of medical emergency and has already started checking the appropriate reason for the delay in the payment of salaries. In the event of fraud or misconduct by officials, they will be held accountable.

Ministry and promised to increase the salaries for health workers: "Everything that relates to the doctor's salary increase, the average medical staff by order of President of Russia, will be executed - said Health Minister Adel Vafina RT. - All parameters are met during this year. "

As for the payment of wages, then, according to the Territorial Mandatory Health Insurance Fund of the RT, the application for the transfer of funds has been directed to the national Ministry of Finance January 1, 2014, and the money transferred authority until January 20.

The hospital, in turn, promised that all salary arrears will be eliminated to the environment.